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Flymaster vario/GPS

The leading edge of Vario/GPS technology.

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Flymaster LIVE SD vario/GPS, cost, price

Flymaster LIVE SD

The LIVE SD is the ultimate Flymaster flight instrument specially built for competition and XC pilots.

Flymaster NAV SD vario/GPS, cost, price

Flymaster NAV SD

The NAV SD is designed for the competition pilot, having all the bells and whistles fly comps fast and effectively but without the Live tracking functions.

Flymaster Vario SD, cost, price

Flymaster VARIO SD

The VARIO SD is the ultimate flight instrument specially built for pilots who do not need navigation functions.

Flymaster GPS SD vario/GPS, cost, price

Flymaster GPS SD

The GPS SD is the ideal instrument for flying non-competition XC flights. It has built in airspace avoidance and many other functions for optimising a great XC flight.

The latest and most up to date flight instruments in the world!

Robust design, high technical specification, and easy to use.

There is a Flymaster instruments for each type of pilot - from the fresh pupil to the ambitious competition pilot.

Inovations include

High resolution display
50-channel GPS receiver
All new mother board designed from the ground up
Designer software for the entire range
Firmware update by USB (upgrades are free)

these are some of the features that make these vario's state of the art, and future proof.