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The Nerv is the latest aviation helmet from Icaro.

The 3 mm thickness polycarbonate shell has the advantage to be very light but still very strong.

The polystyrene is reinforced with one more layer of polycarbonate.

Between the shell and the polystyrene there are 2 channels with holes for the air flow.

Optional visor (black, orange, or mirror).

Typical stylish Italian design and beautiful attention to detail.

NERV carbon optic

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NERV carbon optic front
NERV carbon optic side
Nerv stardust
NERV carbon optic rear
NERV helmet carbon top
Nerv rear wheel
Principle features:
  • Lightweight
  • Controlable airflow
  • Visor (optional)
  • Interchangeable internal padding
  • Shell made of Polycarbonate
  • Certification E.N. 966 (free flight)
  • 100% made in Italy

NERV sizes

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