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Velodrom is a line of sunglasses and protective eyewear for people who love the outdoor life and have a passion for outdoor sports. With a unique combination of ergonomic design and clever material choices, Velodrom have created a range of glasses that give you safety, comfort and style at a great price.

Velodrom glasses are perfect for Biking, Cycling, Paragliding (and all other airsports), Ocean sports (and general boating), Snow sports as well as a wide range of other oudoor pursuits. With a variety of styles and lens colours, there is literally a model to fit anyone for all conditions. So, if you’re doing it outdoors you really need a pair of Velodrom!

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All Velodrom models are a modern classic in their own right. All models are available in ‘Smoke’, ‘Nightrider’ and ‘Dayglow’ lenses.

All lenses are dark enough to shield out the strongest sun (100% UV protection) but still light enough to give acceptable visibility in low light, bad weather conditions and at dusk.
Smoke Lens – An all round grey lens suitable for all conditions.
Dayglow Lens – A brown lens with a hint of red. Offers incredible protection, filtering out that glare on days with intense sunlight. The dayglow provides exceptional definition and enhances depth perception.
Nightrider Lens – A yellow high contrast / definition lens which is perfect for lower light conditions. Get a clear view in hazy conditions with the Nightrider.

All frames are built to be durable in tough conditions and are made from the flexible material Grilamid TR-90 (commonly used in several well known manufacturers of sports glasses).

Designed in Sweden by Bjorn, Velodrom offers sports glasses with a special focus on outdoor action sports. It all began with the Swedish motorcycle market in 1988, where Velodrom soon became the leading brand for motorcyclists throughout Europe. It’s from there that the market grew and now Velodrom glasses are worn throughout the world.

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